Residential Landscaping - Huntington Township

 Serving the Huntington Area (Greenlawn, Northport, East Northport, Centerport, Huntington Bay,
Halesite, Cold Spring Harbor, Dix Hills)


Pool Patio Huntington New York

A beautiful arrangement of flowers to surround the stairs leading to your relaxing patio area! A great way to make your patio stand out!


Stone Pathway Walkway Huntington New York

A great way to to make your lawn and home stand out! Various colors, designs, and stones available to meet your desires!


Stonewall Retaining Wall Huntington New York

A sophisticated way to enhance your driveway as well as your yard! A vast amount of different styles and designs available to meet your needs!


Residential Driveway Huntington New York

For more appeal, you can always add stonewalls along the sides! Also, a great addition to your home and a place to add more flowers and shrubs to make the entrance to your home look beautiful! 


Stone Masonry Steps Huntington New York

With beautiful and colorful flowers along the sides, having your steps look as great as your home is the ultimate compliment! We have a different aray of colors and stones available!

Why Middle Island is simply the best!

  • When we leave your property, it will look like a professional landscaper was there. (professionally maintained)
  • MI has +30 years’ experience in Lawn Maintenance (i.e. cutting & clean ups) and Landscaping.
  • Over 60,000 lawn cuttings to date.
  • Lawn Crew and Forman (Bi-Lingual) has min. 10 years’ experience.
  • Owner checks each lawn periodically (once every 2 weeks to insure quality work performed to MI standards). Owner is available always to answer your questions and concerns. Cell phone is provided.
  • Competitive pricing & payment plans
  • Extra Mile Service (Exclusive) – sometimes you may require a lawn cutting on a Friday or Saturday which is not your scheduled time because of a house party. We will do everything to rearrange our schedule so you can have a manicured lawn for you party.
  • Guaranteed Friday Service (Exclusive) – We will schedule your lawn to be cut on a Friday, for an extra weekly charge.
  • (Exclusive) We cut on an angle and then reverse to guarantee all blades of grass are manicured.
  • We cut your lawn low in the spring & fall and high in the summer to promote maximum growth and a healthy lawn.
  • We sharpen our mower blades once a week to provide a great lawn appearance.
  • Lawns are cut, edged, blown and grass is bagged (optional) to provide a professional appearance.
  • (Exclusive) If requested flower and bush beds will be cleaned if there is minimal debris. Large amounts of debris will be competitively quoted.
  • Licensed & Insured for your Protection.

In addition to lawn maintenance, we offer professional Design & Build New and Repair Construction Services for Masonry, Walkways, Patio, Retaining Walls, Driveways, Tree Pruning and Planting. Contact us for a FREE consultation and Quotation.


The options for Huntington residential landscaping are limitless. Imaginative ideas can start with a path lined by short hedges, a geometric garden, a bench along a pathway, color coordinated floral, or a walkway comprised of pavers.


Contact Middle Island Landscaping to discuss the improvement of your Huntington outdoor area today. Our professionals look forward to working with you on Huntington residential landscaping.