Commercial Landscaping Huntington

Serving the Huntington Area (Greenlawn, Northport, East Northport, Centerport, Huntington Bay,
Halesite, Cold Spring Harbor, Dix Hills)

 Commercial Landscaping Huntington New York

Whether you manage a business, retail development, commercial or industrial property, the appearance of your grounds is an indicator to your prospective venders, customers, employees and existing /future tenants regarding the quality of your operation. We can create lush, green, healthy turf grass and shrubs, giving everyone the impression you want by maintaining exceptional lawn conditions for your business property.

Our one-stop services include:

  • Landscape Evaluation
    • Our analysis answers the question, “What will it take to make this property standout from all other?”
    • Outstanding curb appeal
    • Principle patrols the grounds and reports to facility mgr. additional repair issues after every service
  • Lawn maintenance
    • Professional equipment (i.e. Scag, Echo…) provides an expertly manicured lawn.
    • All equipment is serviced every 2 weeks (oil, oil filter, air filter, wheels greased and spark plugs)
    • All equipment is stored nightly in an enclosed garage to extend performance & dependably.
    • All blades sharpened weekly to achieve the perfect looking lawn.
  • Seasonal Mulching Services
    • Mulch is added in the spring and mulch beds are periodically turned over during the season.
  • Excavation & Grading Services
    • Sink & irrigation holes repaired
    • New berms or leveling is one our services
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
    • Dirt, debris & sand clean-up
    • Weed control
  • Masonry Projects (repair & new) - curbs, sidewalks, steps…
  • Lawn Fertilizing
    • Pesticide Program-weekend service to prevent cars from being sprayed.
    • Notification in advance of service for personnel safety as well.
  • Lawn Repair (seeding and/or sod) – sod is our first choice to insure a beautiful lawn.
  • Annual & Perennial Flower Installation & Planting Flowers and Shrubs
  • Pot Displays and Container Gardens are manicured weekly
  • Debris Removal
  • Tree spraying
  • Irrigation (when there is a leak, we are required to respond immediately)
    • Sprinkler openings
    • Winterization
    • In-season maintenance
  • Spring & Fall Clean up
  • Snow Removal

“The Reasons why we can make a Difference in Ground Maintenance”

  • RELIABILITY – our experience indicates this is one of the key issues when selecting a landscape company. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the importance of service not only on a weekly bases but when something happens you want us to react to your immediate requirements. Our knowledge indicates that equipment can be one of the biggest causes of delays. We are passionate about weekly and bi-monthly oil & filter changes, blade sharping, spark plug replacement and overall cleanliness to maximize reliability for our machines and trucks. We garage all equipment nightly for longer life.
  • SERVICE– an expertly looking landscaped grounds service is equally important to us.
    • 24 hour 7 days a week availability
    • Weekend service to provide a safe environment for people and vehicles from being dirtied or damaged during servicing.
    • Ability to react - Your will have direct contact with our president (owner) at all times. His cell phone is always on for immediate attention to your concerns.
    • Proactive approach as our owner will inspect every time we service your property and report any issues that may need attention and insure quality assurance for service. (Exclusive)
  • CATERING TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS – we understand though our many years in business that every company has specific unique concerns that we embrace.
  • CAPABILITY TO HANDLE YOUR REQUIREMENTS - our field personnel have a minimum of 10 years’ experience. We have come across just about every maintenance challenge. We are prepared.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS (on request)
  • APPEARANCE - we will manage your lawn for maximum appearance to impress your employees, visitors, vendors, new tenants and neighbors. And protect your property value at all times.
  • TOTAL CAPABILITY – As outlined on the previous page, we have 18 areas of expertise to cover your grounds appearance and repair.
  • LICENSED AND INSURED – Nassau & Suffolk Counties

 To view the complete commercial landscaping brochure, click here.


The options for Huntington commercial landscaping are limitless. Imaginative ideas can start with a path lined by short hedges, a geometric garden, a bench along a pathway, color coordinated floral, or a walkway comprised of pavers.


Contact Middle Island Landscaping to discuss the improvement of your Huntington outdoor area today. Our professionals look forward to working with you on Huntington commercial landscaping.